M|P represents the spirit of today’s contemporary architecture & engineering firm. It was established in 2007 by founder David Machado, who later partnered with Brad Patano and Gerrod Kilpatrick who are fearless when it comes to riding economic waves. Founded during an economic peak the firm fell into the teeth of the Great Recession in 2009… But that didn’t stop them.

In 2010, the company captivated one of the few prospering sectors – commercial retail site development. M|P landed its first project with Family Dollar and now undertakes dozens of commercial site development projects, each year, in over 28 states all across the U.S.

Today the firm is on a tour, yet riding a new economic wave on the MS Gulf Coast. All engineering disciplines have been added since M|P’s inception as strictly a civil engineering and surveying firm. M|P has come full circle to be able to provide turn-key, one stop shop, fully coordinated engineering and design services.