Keesler AFB, Land Surveing Services , Keesler AFB

M|P was hired by HydroGeoLogic, Inc. to perform five (5) boundary surveys for Keesler AFB and its residential housing units on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  M|P responsibilities included creating coordinates (X, Y) of proposed boundary corners indicated by HGL from the “Proposed Bondary Drawings”.  The locating of necessary documentation for each site in order to tie – in HGL drawing, proposed boundary corners, and coordinate systems.  Stake – out each proposed boundary corner and set preliminary stake with flagging, identifying property corners.  M|P provided daily logs of all activities including site location, points established, personnel on – site, and any other pertinent information requested by HGL.  Hard copies and digital copies were provided of the final boundary surveys that indicate bearings (true north) and distances to the nearest second (“) and one – hundredth (0.01’) respectively.


  • Land Surveying